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Discografia Steppenwolf

Their Great Hits

01 Born To Be Wild
02 It's Never Too Late
03 Rock Me
04 Hey Lawdy Mama
05 Move Over
06 Who Needs Ya?
07 Magic Carpet Ride
08 The Pusher
09 Sookie, Sookie
10 Jupiter's Child
11 Screaming Night Hog

Born to be wild / A retrospective (1991)

Disc 1

2.Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
3.Sookie SookieDownload & Buy
4.Everybody's Next OneDownload & Buy
5.Born To Be WildDownload & Buy
6.Your Wall's Too HighDownload & Buy
7.DesperationDownload & Buy
8.The PusherDownload & Buy
9.The OstrichDownload & Buy
10.Don't Step On The Grass, SamDownload & Buy
11.Magic Carpet RideDownload & Buy
12.Rock MeDownload & Buy
13.Jupiter's ChildDownload & Buy
14.It's Never Too LateDownload & Buy
15.Monster/Suicide/AmericaDownload & Buy
16.Move OverDownload & Buy
17.Hey Lawdy Mama

Disc 2

1.Snowblind Friend
2.Who Needs Ya
3.Screaming Night Hog
4.For Ladies Only (Edit)
6.Ride With Me
7.I'm Movin' On
8.My Sportin' Life
9.Children Of The Night
10.Straight Shootin' Woman
12.Live Your Life
13.Ain't Nothing Like It Used To Be
14.Born To Be Wild (Live)
15.Rock 'N' Roll Rebels
16.Give Me News I Can Use
17.The Wall

Rise & Shine (1990)

1.Let's Do It All
2.Time Out
3.Do or Die
4.Rise and Shine
5.The Wall
6.The Daily Blues
7.Keep Rockin'
8.Rock 'N Roll War
9.Sign on the Line
10.We Like It, We Love It (We Want More of It)
11.Lonely Dreamers
12.Now and Forever

Paradox (1984)

1.Watch Your Innocence
2.Nothing Is Forever
3.You're the Only One
4.The Fixer
5.Give Me News I Can Use
6.Only the Strong Survive
7.Ain't Nothin'Like It Used to Be
8.Slender Thread of Hope
9.Tell Me It's All Right
10.Circles of Confusion

Wolftracks (1982)

1.All I Want Is All You Got
3.None of the Above
5.Every Man for Himself
6.Five Finger Discount
7.Hold Your Head Up
8.Hot Night in a Cold Town
9.Down To Earth
10.For Rock-N-Roll
11.The Balance

Skullduggery (1976)

2.(I'm A) Road Runner
3.Rock and Roll Song
4.Train of Thought
5.Life Is a Gamble
6.Pass It On
8.Lip Service

Hour of the wolf (1975)

1.Caroline (Are You Ready for the Outlaw World)
2.Annie, Annie Over
3.Two for the Love of One
4.Just for Tonight
5.Hard Rock Road
6.Someone Told a Lie
7.Another's Lifetime
8.Mr. Penny Pincher

Slow flux (1974)

1.Gang War Blues
2.Children of the Night
3.Justice Don't Be Slow
4.Get into the Wind
6.Straight Shootin' Woman
7.Smokey Factory Blues
8.Morning Blue
9.Fool's Fantasy
10.Fishin' in the Dark

For ladies
only (1971)

1.For Ladies Only
2.I'm Asking
3.Shackles And Chains
5.The Night Time's For You
6.Jaded Strumpet
7.Sparkle Eyes
8.Black Pit
9.Ride With Me
10.In Hopes Of A Garden

7 (1970)

1.Ball Crusher
2.Forty Days and Forty Nights
3.Fat Jack
5.Foggy Mental Breakdown
6.Snowblind Friend
7.Who Needs Ya'
9.Hippo Stomp\

Monster (1969)

1.Monster / Suicide / America
2.Draft Register
3.Power Play
4.Move Over
6.What Would You Do (If I Did That To You)
7.From Here To There Eventually

At your birthday party (1969)

1.Don't Cry
2.Chicken Wolf
3.Lovely Meter
4.Round And Down
5.It's Never Too Late
6.Sleeping Dream
7.Jupiter Child
8.She'll Be Better
9.Cat Killer
10.Rock Me
11.God Fearing Man
12.Mango Juice
13.Happy Birthday

The second (1968)

1.Faster Than The Speed Of Life
2.Tighten Up Your Wig
3.None Of Your Doing
4.Spiritual Fantasy
5.Don't Step On The Grass, Sam
7.Magic Carpet Ride
8.Disappointment Number (Unknown)
9.Lost And Found By Trial And Error
10.Hodge, Podge, Strained Through A Leslie

Steppenwolf (1968)

1.Sookie Sookie
2.Everybody's Next One
3.Berry Rides Again
4.Hootchie Cootchie Man
5.Born to Be Wild
6.Your Wall's Too High
8.The Pusher
9.A Girl I Knew
10.Take What You Need
11.The Ostrich
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