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Discografia Pierce The Veil

Nome anterior era Before Today, Atual Pierce The Veil

A Flair For The Dramatic [2007]

01. Chemical Kids And Mechanical Brides
02. Currents Convulsive
03. Yeah Boy And Doll Face
04. I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous
05. The Cheap Bouquet
06. Falling Asleep On A Stranger
07. She Sings In The Morning
08. The Balcony Scene
09. Drella
10. Diamonds and Why Men Buy Them
11. Wonderless


A Celebration Of An Ending [2004]
01. Sight to Frame
02. Roots Beneath Ideals
03. Pierce the Veil
04. Enlarge Your Hearts
05. The Process of Losing and Gaining
06. Failure Is Relative
07. Shallow Pockets
08. The Well of Tradition
09. Staring at Backgrounds
10. Color Your World


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