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Discografia Hawk Nelson

Hawk Nelson Is My Friend (2008)
01 You Have What I Need
02 Friend Like That
03 Turn It On
04 One Little Miracle
05 Let's Dance
06 Ancient History
07 Somebody Else
08 Arms Around Me
09 Just Like Me
10 Not The Same
11 Words We Speak
12 I Still Miss You

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Smile, Its The End Of The World (2006)
01 The One Thing I Have Left
02 The Show
03 Bring 'Em Out
04 Everything You Ever Wanted
05 Something On My Mind
06 Is Forever Enough
07 Zero
08 Nothing Left To Show
09 Head On Collision
10 Hello
11 It's Over
12 Fourteen

Letters To The President (2004)
01-Hawk Nelson-California
02-Hawk Nelson-Things We Go Through
03-Hawk Nelson-Every Little Thing
04-Hawk Nelson-From Underneath
05-Hawk Nelson-Letters to the President
06-Hawk Nelson-Right Here
07-Hawk Nelson-Recess
08-Hawk Nelson-Take Me
09-Hawk Nelson-Someone Else Before
10-Hawk Nelson-First Time
11-Hawk Nelson-Like a Racecar
12-Hawk Nelson-Late Show
13-Hawk Nelson-36 Days
14-Hawk Nelson-Long and Lonely Road


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